Where our supplies comes from

We’re part of a network that supports the reduction of food waste. We’re totally passionate about being ethical and sustainable.

We support supermarkets and other projects in their mission to reduce waste and reuse food that they aren’t able to sell.

We are waste conscious and encourage a more sustainable way of living.

Three local supermarkets divert their good quality vegetarian ingredients and food waste to us; Roundhay Cooperative, Chapel Allerton Aldi and Morrisons on Harehills Lane.

In addition, we pick up regular donations from the Leeds Bread Coop (delicious sourdoughs), and Suma (dried beans, flours, interesting vegan ingredients).

These businesses are demonstrating leadership in tackling food waste, and through that, developing links with our projects that extend far beyond the crates of food we receive from them.

Because we use food intercepted from commercial surplus, we get different ingredients every day. This means out menu changes every day. However, it is always fresh, always vegetarian or vegan, and always delicious!

We don’t serve any food past its use by date. ‘Use By’ is a safety label, whereas ‘Best Before’ is a quality label. This means when we use food that is beyond its ‘best before’ date, we have used our own guidelines to see if it’s still tasty without risking safety. Also, much of our food is well within its best before date, due to factors like over-ordering, or seasonal packaging. We run our kitchen with strict food hygiene practices.

Our regular coffee is supplied by Dark Wood Coffee they donated their freshly roasted beans to us for us to make our espresso- based coffees.

North Star Coffee have also been incredibly helpful and supportive, mainly in training our volunteers to become baristas. They too donate their beans for our use in the cafe.