Our mission statement

ToastLoveCoffee is a community cafe in Harehills, Leeds, welcome to everybody, open for coffee, toast, breakfast, lunch, new connections and conversations. There are four cornerstones on which ToastLoveCoffee is based:
    We have created a culture of welcome and kindness at ToastLoveCoffee. We treat everyone as we would like to be treated, and see the humanity and spirit in each one of us. We celebrate diversity and seek to develop real connections between people and build a community whose strength is based on of difference rather than similarities.
    We aim to be a zero waste business, using items and ingredients that would otherwise be wasted, and with everything we do, working in way that is sustainable for our beautiful planet.
    We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy quality food, quality drinks and quality conversations, with people they might not otherwise meet, without a price attached. We are a social enterprise; we're not fully funded by a charity or any other authority. Our costs are met through the generosity of our customers, successful grant applications for specific projects, local corporate sponsorship, and an anonymous individual.
    Volunteers are the lifeblood of ToastLoveCoffee. We believe that volunteering is powerful for both the volunteer and the people they are working with. TLC aims to welcome all who want to volunteer, to find a place for them in the business to enjoy their time, grow and learn, and excel at what they are good at. More info on the 'Volunteer with Us' page!