About Pay as you Can

As a cafe that encourages inclusivity and diversity, we want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy quality food, quality drinks and quality conversations, with people they might not otherwise meet, without a price attached.

Where possible, we hope customers will choose to pay what they would in any other cafe or restaurant. But we know that not everyone is able to do that, and we want people to come to TLC even if they cannot afford to pay very much.

Although our food is donated and our staff are mostly volunteers, there are still many financial costs to run the cafe; for example: rent, volunteer travel costs, refreshments, petrol for picking up the food, utility bills,  non-donated essential items, team learning and development, publicity, insurance.

The system works if everyone pays what they actually think the experience, including the food and drink, is worth, within their own budget.

The food and drink in our cafe is not free. At the same time we would never deny a customer food because they didn’t have any money on that day. At the same time, we cannot survive if we repeatedly give food and drink for no or very little money. 

Therefore our policy is that if a customer doesn’t have any money, we give them something on that occasion and explain that we don’t normally do that. If they come in again, we will expect them to give some money for their experience. 


Our Daily Cash Target:


We need to make £200 daily to cover costs


We are currently averaging half of this target. The shortfall is being met by generous individuals and special fundraising efforts.