A Fresh Perspective

Today’s post comes from a young lad on work experience with Jill and therefore new to the project. His insight is refreshing and inspiring – thanks Pablo!

Yesterday I visited Toast Love Coffee for the first time. I had previously seen pictures of what the building had looked like before on their website, and when I arrived, it was quite overwhelming, not only to see the vibrant colours used on the building itself but the whole fencing and lawn which had been beautifully decorated and on which many plants and trees had been planted. It was amazing to see the spirit of everyone working on the project, especially as it is a non-profit organisation, which has been developed to aid those who are less fortunate, with their ‘Pay as you Feel’ slogan, and it was truly inspirational to see them be so dedicated to bringing this project to life for no personal gain. It is a truly great atmosphere and I can only imagine that it will be even better when it is filled with people finally having something to eat and bringing the community closer together, and new friendships being developed. 

Today we headed down to the warehouse where all the food for The Real Junk Food Project Leeds is stored, and will later be distributed to all the schools for the Fuel for School program and cafés such as Toast Love Coffee. It was alarming to see how much food is thrown away by supermarkets (in person rather than hearing a figure and having to imagine the quantity of food) in spite of it all being perfectly edible, but similarly gratifying that all the food was now being put to good use and filling the bellies of those who need it most.

published by Anna Dyson
Founder and Director of ToastLoveCoffee. CEO of Dyson family, Roundhay (Leeds) branch which involves a huge array of skills impossible to imagine or articulate! Formerly, Jewish educator and community professional.


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