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A New Dawn / Time to Hope?

Did you watch the Oprah Winfrey speech at The Oscars this year? If you didn’t, go find it on YouTube. If you did, go watch it again. Within it she spoke these gems: “speaking your truth is the most powerful tool you have” “The one quality [ that Oprah witnessed in all the people she…

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Hot Topics and Micro-Revolutions

Recently I witnessed something quite disturbing, but probably quite familiar to most people reading this. I was in a small lecture / discussion group, and the topic was current affairs in Israel. I made a comment. Another member of the audience responded, obviously very irate at what I had said, and, as she spoke, she…

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All’s Well That Ends Well

Wednesday next week will be our last day at the Ark building. On Thursday we will move out, and be taking a break from trading as a cafe until the spring. CATCH, The youth organisation that owns the building and runs fantastic events and programs for the young people in the area, are intending to…

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What does success mean to me?

In the name of ‘research’ I have been frequenting cafes, coffee houses, delis and coffee shacks. Just yesterday and today, I have had the absolute pleasure of chatting with the owners of two of these; Taste on Chapeltown Road (mentioned in a previous post) and Cielo in Garforth. Each conversation gives me more confidence, and…

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The Social Network

I’m not bragging but I have over 500 friends. On Facebook that is. And yesterday I joined LinkedIn and my email inbox is filled with new connections that have been made. It seems as if the power of the network is greater than it ever has been, simply due to the very ease of communicating,…

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