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All’s Well That Ends Well

Wednesday next week will be our last day at the Ark building. On Thursday we will move out, and be taking a break from trading as a cafe until the spring. CATCH, The youth organisation that owns the building and runs fantastic events and programs for the young people in the area, are intending to…

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The Roads We Travel

Christmas is always a bit awkward for me as I’m Jewish, and a big part of my Jewish identity growing up was that we did NOT do Christmas. I have since married into a Jewish family that DOES do Christmas, so we have settled into a routine of one year ‘on’ and one year ‘off’,…

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Getting Started

Well, 26 days into 2014 and I never would have imagined my life taking a turn in this direction. In 2013 I was, as I liked to describe myself, the CEO of a small local enterprise, namely my family, and when time allowed, I volunteered within my community- both the local Jewish community and wider…

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