Our mission statement

ToastLoveCoffee is a community cafe in Harehills, Leeds, welcome to everybody, open for coffee, toast, breakfast, lunch, new connections and conversations.
    TLC is all about welcoming the stranger; be it through a handshake, a conversation or offering a cup of coffee. After ten minutes, they won't be a stranger any more, guaranteed.
    It is widely known and accepted that loneliness is a crisis in our country. TLC aims to create an environment where individuals can come, and connect with more people, to increase their network and combat social isolation.
    All of this really boils down to treating everyone as you would like to be treated yourself, and seeing the humanity and spirit in each one of us. TLC is a place where the mutual exchange of skills and experiences between everyone, benefits everyone.
    TLC aims to provide training and support in such a way as for people who want to, to be in a position to apply for, and be offered jobs afterwards.
    There are many reasons why people may see volunteering as a positive addition to their lives. TLC aims to welcome all who want to volunteer, to find a place for them in the business to enjoy their time, and excel at what they are good at. More info on the Volunteer with Us page!