Our Corporate Sponsors

Our corporate sponsors are dear friends from within the business world.

We are so fortunate to have received support from Engage Interactive – both financial and  moral – since 2016. We have enjoyed being judges at their in-house Bake Off, as well as inviting them to participate in key moments of our journey so far. The team have helped us with technical support and we can safely say they are one of the friendliest, tech-savvy, professional and committed team of tech-entrepreneurs you’re likely to find in our city.

If you’d like to know more about Engage – click here

North One Solicitors are a recent addition to our corporate sponsors. A local law firm specialising in personal issues, they have agreed to help cover our monthly running costs, giving us some financial security and therefore freedom to plan for the future. During our building works, they also very kindly offered for our volunteers and workers to use their facilities; especially helpful when the heating wasn’t installed yet and we needed to warm up!

If you’d like to know more about North One Solicitors – click here

During the building works, we were incredibly fortunate to receive support from a variety of contractors and people in the commercial property world:

Blacks Solicitors facilitated the lease on the property;

Crowther Turnbull Booth Surveyors project managed the refurbishment;

Strategic Team Group supplied building materials;

Bridge Estates supplied the office furniture;

Broadley Construction supplied the flooring;

Dresler Smith advised on the location and supported the negotiation.

If you’d like to join in by being a corporate sponsor, you can read about our suggestions here and we are happy to chat with you about ideas you may have too.