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Planning Ahead

As the country gears up to the general election in December, people from across the political spectrum are painting the bleakest picture of life under their opponents’ governance, and are offering us utopian visions under theirs, to try to gain our vote. My children innocently talk to me about their dream jobs, plans for their future,…

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Peaceful Shared Experiences

by Caroline Ibbertson I decided to volunteer at TLC as a kind of stepping stone. Having taught for 25 years I decided that I needed a change. Then my dad passed away just before I left my job. I spent a few months adjusting to the huge changes in my life and then gathered myself…

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Celebrating, celebrity, and a new perspective on loneliness

In case you missed it, TLC has been in the news. Last week, I was invited to a reception at Buckingham Palace celebrating the work of faith leaders building community cohesion across the UK. It was hosted by our Queen, and, from the 160 guests invited, I was one of the 8 chosen to meet…

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Reflections for Volunteers’ Week 2019

It’s Volunteers’ Week in the UK this week, a chance to celebrate our volunteers who are the beating pulse of ToastLoveCoffee, and also an opportunity to reflect on what I have learned about volunteering, what it means and how it has helped create something truly exceptional in Harehills. Firstly, a massive, deep, heartfelt THANK YOU…

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Gatekeepers and Power

  Gledhow Valley Woods  is a beautiful serene woodland tucked away between Harehills, Oakwood and Moortown, and is complete with lake and many footpaths to explore. At the outer edge, behind fencing, lies the Gipton Spa bath house – a grade 2 listed building constructed in 1671. It is kept locked away as there are…

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