Kindness and TLC, without the coffee and food….

It’s been an incredible, amazing journey. From setting up a weekly coffee morning in a local youth club, to a full blown independent high street cafe with a big heart, the story of ToastLoveCoffee has inspired thousands of people, across the world, and even includes HRH Queen Elizabeth II as a fan!

Unfortunately, all good stories come to an end, and it is sadly time to say goodbye to TLC.

When the lockdown is lifted, unfortunately ToastLoveCoffee will not be reopening its doors. This was a decision that has not been taken lightly, but was unfortunately inevitable for a business that never quite became fully sustainable.

We wish to thank everyone who has been part of the story; everyone in the local supermarkets who gave us their surplus food, our many friends and supporters in the city and further afield, our amazing teams of volunteers and staff, and of course every customer who has visited our community space in Harehills.

We are all so proud of what we achieved at ToastLoveCoffee. We know we made a big positive difference in so many ways. We know that we helped some asylum seekers and refugees feel more welcome in their neighbourhood. We know that conversations between people who disagreed were respectful and engaging. We know that the hot meal enjoyed in our cafe was for some the only one they would have that day, and we know that we created a space that simply provided the dignity of enjoying a cappuccino in a cafe. We have learned that there is dignity in giving as generously as you can, in the knowledge that it is not how much, but just the act of it itself.

We plead with everyone reading this post, with everyone who has followed our story, with everyone who has been to the cafe, please continue to find ways in your life to give as generously as you can; be it time, money, skills or small tasks for someone else.

Perhaps, post-COVID, humanity will have learned that we are truly one, and that it is mutually beneficial to be kind and seek to help provide happiness for others; perhaps there won’t be a need for a place like TLC, for all places will be places of welcome, conversations will be respectful as a matter of course, and we will all find ways to give generously, whatever our circumstances and however that manifests.

Thank you for being part of the story, thank you creating such a wonderful space that was valued so highly and widely, and thank you for believing in our little cafe in Harehills.

Anna Dyson

Founder and Managing Director

23 April 2020

published by Anna Dyson
Founder and Director of ToastLoveCoffee. CEO of Dyson family, Roundhay (Leeds) branch which involves a huge array of skills impossible to imagine or articulate! Formerly, Jewish educator and community professional.


  1. posted by Val Davice on Reply

    So sorry to learn that TLC will no longer be opening but you can be very proud at what you’ve achieved and the numerous people you have helped. We pray that post Covid-19 the world will be a kinder, more humane place and we will all learn positively from this experience of lockdown and, as you say Anna, there will be no need for places like your café in the future.

  2. posted by Mini on Reply

    What an incredible Journey. What an adventure. What an achievement. Be very proud.

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