A little update, with a lot of TLC

Since the big news announcement of us finally finding a site and signing the lease, you may have been thinking that things have gone a little quiet over here. Whilst this is partially true; World Cup fever, this fabulous summer heatwave (don’t forget the sun cream!) and it being the school summer holidays means that those of us volunteering behind the scenes are not always achieving what we need to be for TLC. But be assured that TLC is never far from our thoughts – as demonstrated by the pic sent by Lawrence from a trip to the V&A Museum in London a couple of weeks ago!

I guess we’ve been giving ourselves a bit of a TLC top up and refuel before the cafe reopens (hopefully October).

However, there are some updates and this blog is a good excuse to say hello to as many people as possible 🙂

Firstly, and most excitingly and importantly, we have found the most amazing person to help set up and support all of our cafe volunteers. She is going to be working away over the summer to ensure that volunteers who work with us are recruited well, trained well and supported fully. We have meetings set up, and documents to prepare to ensure that we can offer a really positive and valuable experience for our volunteers.

Secondly, the refurbishment.
We are so so delighted that building surveyors Crowther Turnbull Booth have offered to project manage the refurbishment. Through their expertise, we are really excited by the emerging plans, decor and of course compliance with all good hygiene / health and safety regulations.

The refurb costs are going to be huge and we are all working away to meet those costs from both ends: Already, thanks to Chris Booth, four or five local businesses have already offered materials – floor tiles, sanitary items, insulation, tiles, even an electric hot water heater! – and we are hugely grateful for their generosity and support. In addition to this, we need money to help pay for the labour and additional materials that we’ll be needing soon.

And finally, the big picture:

Whilst we have been closed as a physical community cafe space, we have not been closed off from people and developments that have been happening, both positive and negative, for individuals, communities, the country and the world at large.

We are living at a time where some forces are trying to increasingly divide us and find reasons to hate anyone who is ‘other’. Pick your topic; Brexit, Israel/Palestine, immigration, Russian politics, American politics, British politics…

Financial and political pressures are fuelling the culture and it seems as if it is impossible to say or do anything – online or in person- without an argument or a tirade of abuse.

Our, my, plea to you reading this: please please find a reason to love. Find a way to disagree respectfully. Find a way to listen with intention. To listen with an openness that allows you to change your opinion if you want to. Don’t be a troll. Don’t be nasty. Don’t allow yourself to be refuelled with hatred.

And wear sunscreen.

published by Anna Dyson
Founder and Director of ToastLoveCoffee. CEO of Dyson family, Roundhay (Leeds) branch which involves a huge array of skills impossible to imagine or articulate! Formerly, Jewish educator and community professional.


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    Best of luck dear Ana we all with you 🌷🌷

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