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Walking the Streets

I am in Liverpool. I arrived yesterday, for the first two days of a programme designed to help budding social entrepreneurs like me (so apparently that is what I am now!) in the next chapter of their businesses. Motivated by my new found way to monitor the amount of steps I walk in a day…

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Food is the Route to Peace

A few days ago, I wrote about cooking lunch in the TLC kitchen. I wanted to take the time to expand on this, to share some of the stories and comments from the cafe, all revolving around one concept, often referred to in the context of romance; the way to a man’s heart is his…

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Lunchtime Magic

When we were first installed in our new home at the Ark back in July last year, and with the skeleton of a functioning kitchen (electricity, work surface, storage, running water), we carried on doing what we knew best from our pop-up days; hosting coffee mornings. We were good at that; we knew what we…

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