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By Anita Duzha  Today she picked me up like she does every time,and off we go to our special place where is only She and I.we had a walk together holding each other’s hand and talked about past and future,walking with her in the manetime I was thinking haw lucky I am to have a…

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Where in the world?

We celebrated two birthdays in the cafe today. One; an asylum seeking Iranian, boxer, twenty-something, student, salad-maker extraordinaire. The other; British, Jewish, eighty-something, active, baker-extraordinaire. We bought two cards and asked people to sign them. One was easy to write; ‘wishing you a happy birthday – hope you had a fabulous day!’ the other, not…

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Small changes, Big Differences

By Ray Castle Helping to run a café is a lot of fun: the chat, the friendship, and meeting customers, who are (mostly) lovely people. But, reflecting later, it’s sometimes not clear (at least not always to me) what we’ve achieved that day. We’ve served coffee and tea, of course, and shifted plenty of food,…

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