One campaign won, the other …..

It is Monday morning, a few hours after the deadline of the crowdfunding campaign which has successfully raised over £10k for ToastLoveCoffee. We did it! We reached out and connected with people, perhaps you are one of them, who chose to dig into their pockets and pledge money to help us raise the funds needed to convert a portacabin into our permanent home.

It is a phenomenal achievement, of which we are justly proud.

However, just as the crowdfunder was gaining momentum, receiving celebrity endorsement (thank you Howard!), gaining coverage in the local media ( click here for the piece on BBC Radio Leeds, and we were also on Made In Leeds TV, Fever FM and Radio Aire) and heading towards the final goal, we received the devastating news that Anita’s asylum claim has been rejected again.

As you may well know, the inspiration behind the whole ToastLoveCoffee enterprise is the friendship between myself, Anna, and Anita.

The truth is, the project needs her as much as the £10k. Part of the ToastLoveCoffee story needs to be the story of an asylum seeker turned refugee turned responsible member of British society. This IS how the story is going to continue, we just have another hurdle to overcome to prove that the Home Office have not considered the evidence sufficiently.

Certain parts of the British public have applied pressure on the UK government to keep down immigration to the UK. It is our duty to remind the government that in so doing, it is failing to keep a mother and her child safe.

Please sign this petition, and share it, to gather as many signatures of the public as possible, to show the Home Office that we, the British public, firmly declare: We want justice for Anita and her son. We want to proudly say that Britain granted them sanctuary.

published by Anna Dyson
Founder and Director of ToastLoveCoffee. CEO of Dyson family, Roundhay (Leeds) branch which involves a huge array of skills impossible to imagine or articulate! Formerly, Jewish educator and community professional.


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