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My name is… What is your name?

Whenever someone new comes into ToastLoveCoffee, I try to go over, and introduce myself and start a conversation. It usually starts with, “Hi! Welcome, my name is Anna. What’s your name?” and we take it from there. Such a simple, yet powerful statement and question. Many of the guests we welcome go through most days…

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Catch and Throw in The Sun

This lovely post has been brought to you by regular volunteer, and new blogger (to TLC anyway!), Ray: I have two new friends. They’re twins, aged three. We got together over that most simple and timeless of things, paying catch and throw with a ball, on the grass. I’m 58, but inside me there’s still…

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The Café of Surprises

Written by guest blogger and regular volunteer, Sam Slatcher I’m the 25 year old PhD student who was mentioned in the last blog. If you’ve been at the café, you’ll have seen me most Wednesdays soaking up the experience of ToastLoveCoffee. The PhD (you can read more here is related to my volunteering at the…

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