in Harehills, Leeds, open Monday-Friday 10am-3pm (last orders 2.30pm)
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Welcome to ToastLoveCoffee!

Wherever you’re from, wherever you’re going, whatever your story, we’d love to hear it at our community cafe.

ToastLoveCoffee is a community cafe was the idea borne out of the friendship of two ladies living in Leeds. They met in December 2012; one, a British born, Jewish middle class mum of three and wife, and the other an Albanian, Christian, single mum of one, recently arrived asylum seeker.

Six years on, they have co-founded a community cafe in Harehills, Leeds, which is based on the idea that life can be a little bit better when you’re having good food, good coffee, and good conversation.

Good Food

Our volunteers in the kitchen share their culinary skills and you will experience wonderful food from around the world at TLC!
Everything is vegetarian or vegan, and we will always try to cater for gluten-free and other diets on request.
All ingredients are donated from local shops and supermarkets and whilst fabulous quality, would have been wasted if they were not donated. As part of The Real Junk Food Project, by eating with ToastLoveCoffee you are helping stop food going to landfill #feedbelliesnotbins

Good Coffee

Our coffee is good. It comes to us as a freshly roasted bean, donated by the guys at Dark Woods Coffee. We grind it in house, and serve it as an espresso-based drink.

We also sometimes receive donations of coffee beans from North Star Roast, We use these for our filter coffee.

Alternative milks are available on request and - unlike other high street cafes - there is no additional cost for this. All we ask you to do is Pay As You Feel.

Good Conversation

Come join us! We love welcoming new people into the cafe (it's what we're all about!) and hearing stories, sharing ideas and discussing an interesting topic.

Regularly connecting with other people is vital for wellbeing, as well as creating a positive sense of community in Harehills and Leeds.

Please check our events and activities timetable, or pop in any time for a chat.

We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so you can join us online too.

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